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Refresh Course Points Platform Judge
Date: 30.03.2019
Time: 10:00-16:00
Location: Täschmatstrasse 19, 6015 Lucerne
Contact: Nenad Stojkovic ( 079 270 14 50 )

Registration: Tournament - Registration Referee

Hauptsponsor 2017/2018

Let our ideas and love for Lei Tai-Fight inspire and motivate you to become a part of our Lei Tai World. We are looking forward to your enthusiasm and to all the Lei Tai friends who follow our passion for fight and support our League and project.

“Let’s see who is the toughest”

Why LT13 Lei Tai ?
  1. Tournament with price money

  2. Fight your own style

  3. Simple rules

  4. No license

  5. International

  6. Afterparty 

Next Tournament 02.11.2019

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